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Public economics and management


This area has the purpose of strengthening the academic qualifications for the analysis and resolution of some of the problems that emerge from public management.

The reinforcement of strategic planning and state action, the increase of efficiency in managing public resources, the reduction of response times, and the measuring of the impact of public sector interventions are elements that affect a nation’s economic processes of modernization and development.

Governmental management faces the challenge of carrying out actions towards modernization and reform, in response to an international context that demands for innovations regarding management criteria as well as its application.

The area seeks to fulfill the demands for investigation, assessment and capacitation required within the state and public services area, so as to contribute to the improvement of the national capabilities to address public issues and enhance the design and evaluation of public policies.

Works are oriented towards the design of evaluation systems for public programs and policies, and the analysis of the latest processes of State modernization and reform.

Another line of work is related to the financing of the public sector and other components of the public budget, the implementation of policies and programs as well as the evaluation of their design and results.



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