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  • Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Governance: Time for a Balanced View

    P. Klein, J. Chapman, and M. Mondelli


    P. Klein, J. Chapman, and M. Mondelli Academy of Management Perspectives, Forthcoming (Abstract) Download/Descargar Private equity (PE) is best understood not as a financing method, but as governance structure, one that emphasizes strong performance incentives, rules over discretion, and a strong alignment between ownership and management. Briefly, PE governance makes owners into active managers and makes managers behave like owners. As such, PE is often regarded as a more “entrepreneurial” form of governance than that associated with the publicly traded corporation. We argue for a balanced view in which PE is…

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  • The role of asset specificity in financing choice in the agrifood sector


    Mondelli, M. and P. Klein. Revista de Economia e Administração – 2013 vol. 12 – n° 2 (Abstract)

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  • “Lessons from the 2008 Financial Crisis: Policy Responses to External Shocks in Uruguay”


    The Developing Economies Volume 51, Issue 3 p. 233–331. 2013Carmen Estrades y Cecilia Llambí Abstract The 2008 global crisis affected the Uruguayan economy through two main channels: collapse in global trade and drop in capital flows. As a reaction to the crisis, the Uruguayan government adopted a countercyclical policy, increasing public consumption and investment and expanding social benefits to unemployed workers. In this paper, we apply a static computable general equilibrium model (CGE) linked to a microsimulation model to analyze how effective were the policy responses to prevent or soften…

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  • Claves y tenc


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  • Innovation and Productivity in the Service Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean Countries


    Objective: The main focus of this research is to increase understanding of innovation and productivity in market services at the firm level, with a special focus on the role of public policy. Specific Objectives (1) To generate new knowledge and to increase understanding of the main determinants of productivity and innovation in services in LAC, identifying the main market failures that hinder productivity growth and innovation in services and the extent to which each one of them can be addressed with specific policies; (2) To support public policy design suitable…

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  • The Costs of Crime and Violence in Uruguay

    Diego Aboal, Jorge Campanella, Bibiana Lanzilotta


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