Centro de Investigaciones Económicas - CINVE

Macroeconomics, Finance and global economic outlook


The topics of interest of the area are: applied macroeconomics, macroeconomic policies and finance. The research team includes researchers established in Uruguay and in other countries.

Initially, the area was oriented only towards applied research on macroeconomics, monetary, exchange rate and fiscal policies, economic growth and regional macroeconomic cooperation and integration.

Subsequently, the working field was broadened to include short-term economic analysis and macroeconomic predictions.

The area also carries out teaching and general dissemination activities in an effort to spread the experience and knowledge of the research team.

The teaching activities have been focused on techniques –mainly econometric- for short-term analysis and macroeconomic prediction, as well as methods for financial markets risk-analysis.

Since 2003, new tasks related to the monitoring of the national and international economic situation were incorporated, allowing the production of predictions of the main macroeconomic variables, and the publication of “situation reports” and analytical articles, which are disseminated through cinve’s website (Inflation Report, and Activity and Trade Report), CPA (Key Trends Report and Prices Bulletin), and Mercosur Network’s Observatory.

Since 2010, the area constructs the main indicator for economic activity, ITAE-cinve, which is divulged through cinve’s website.

This area also carries out special studies for national and international organizations.



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