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Diego Aboal will participante Gender Summit 8 North & Latin America 2016


Diego Aboal will participante as a presenter in the Gender Summit 8 in México City. https://gender-summit.com/gs8-about

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New article published by Diego Aboal


Diego Aboal has published the paper “Service Innovation in Developing Economies: Evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean” in the Journal of Development Studies (joint with Luis Rubalcaba and Paula Garda). http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00220388.2015.1093118

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Advanced Quantitaive Methods certificate


The program aims to train participants in the use of techniques for the analysis of variables and complex situations either within the company or from a macroeconomic point of view. A specific objective to note is that the participant is looking to train in the use of computer routines and procedures available for the practical application of statistical and econometric techniques The Certificate of Specialization in Quantitative Methods is offered in two orientations i) economy and ii) finance. It has been designed to provide practical tools, mathematical and statistical techniques,…

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Diego Aboal and their presentation in Buenos Aires


Diego Aboal presented a paper in a workshop about industrial policies organized by RIDGE and UBA in Buenos Aires http://www.ridge.uy/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Program-IP.pdf

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The Cost of Crime and Violence in Five Latin American Countries


Diego Aboal, Bibiana Lanzilotta, Magdalena Dominguez, Maren Vairo Abstract This paper provides evidence on the costs imposed by crime and violence in five Latin American countries: Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, Paraguay and Uruguay. Crime and violence stand out as one of the major social challenges to be dealt with in Latin America. However, the incidence of crime (and thus its social and economic impact) varies among countries. Based on a common theoretical framework across all five countries, we use a costs-accounting methodology and find that the cost of criminality varies…

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CINVE is evaluating a research support program in Paraguay


A research team lead by researchers of CINVE is evaluating the impact of the program PRONII of National Council of Science and Technology of Paraguay. http://www.conacyt.gov.py/pronii

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