Centro de Investigaciones Económicas - CINVE

Expectations and industrial output in Uruguay: Sectoral interdependence and common trends
    • 10/2014


    This paper examines the interdependence between expectations and growth by analysing Uruguayan manufacturing industry, divided for the purpose into four industry groupings differentiated by trade participation and production specialization. The study shows that there is a long-run relationship between industrialists’ expectations and output growth in each grouping. In the most trade-oriented groupings the relationship is one of predetermination, showing how useful expectations are as a guide to sectoral growth. Expectations in the four industrial groupings are shown to follow a common long-run trend, identified with the one guiding the export grouping. Impulse-response simulations derived from a multisectoral vector autoregression (VAR) model confirm the important role of the industries most exposed to international competition in spreading
    shorter-term shocks.

    Bibiana Lanzilotta is a senior researcher at the Centre of Economic Research (CINVE) in Montevideo, Uruguay.