Centro de Investigaciones Económicas - CINVE

Competitiveness, Trade and Regional Integration


cinve  has a solid experience in the field of competitiveness studies, based on industrial organization and  institutional economics approach. This area focuses on the analysis of technological change and the determinants of competitiveness at the sector and industry levels, as well as productive chains in agriculture, traditional industries, knowledge-intensive and activities and new technologies.  The scope of analysis also relates to the evaluation of efficiency improvements, policy impacts, the role that institutions and business climate plays on economic performance, and investment flows. Among others, cinve has carried out analyses regarding pharmaceutical, metallurgical, textile, foot-wear, dairy, leather, paper, and toy industry.

In the area of trade and integration, cinve has studied the impacts of changes in trade policy throughout the process of economic openness initiated in the mid 70’s. This has allowed  to build and use  databases,  and  to produce estimates  of the main trade indicators for over thirty years. Additionally, we developed models to explain the relevant characteristics of trade flows within the region and worldwide, the impact of trade on economic activities, as well as the effects of changes in the trade policy and integration process.



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